Continuous improvement process of solution annealing heat treatment for high alloyed superheater’s tubing and accessories


Continuous improvement process of solution annealing heat treatment for high alloyed superheater’s tubing and accessories

SHI FW Energia FAKOP Sp. z o.o. and Heatmasters Poland once again carried out a joint-defined solution annealing heat treatment process for high alloyed stainless steel coil assemblies. Despite our long lasting practices and procedures, the details of this process have again been improved thanks to evolving industry drivers and existence of continuous improvement practices in both companies. In depth knowledge, experience, team-work and focus on details have allowed us to take another step toward superior quality and longer product lifetime, resulting in decreased maintenance downtime for the end users.

Heatmasters Poland has provided annealing for these parts multiple times during the past five years, working with SHI FW Energia FAKOP’s Quality Specialists to further optimize and perfect our unique annealing processes. By continuously reviewing every single detail during the entire process, from transportation and storage to thermocouple placement, we are working together with SHI FW Energia FAKOP to continue delivering the highest-quality components to end users across the globe.

This time, the parts were loaded into our U117 heat treatment furnace. This furnace has dimensions of 4,4 x 2,4 x 1,2 meters and uses a fork loading system. The hat of this furnace was recently refurbished with improved insulation material to increase energy efficiency.

The parts were heated to temperature far above 1000°C and Heatmasters Rigel26 digital temperature control system ensured an accurate and well documented heating process. After heating, quenching took place within the targeted time period to form desired microstructure in the material. Usually, water cooling would be a great solution, but in this case, it would change the shape of the elements too much, resulting in additional fabrication effort and additional stress into assemblies. Fast air cooling was a suitable approach as it allowed us to avoid negative material structures but still hold the shape of the elements. A total of 68 elements were processed this time. (2) (1).jpg







A total of 68 components were treated in our U117 heat treatment furnace.

“Rising industry expectations are met thanks to tight cooperation approach in pre-planning and execution phase. Continuous improvement focus and non-routine approach allows to improve every time, every project.”
-Zdzisław Szwajca, Project Engineer / Technologist, SHI FW Energia FAKOP Sp. z o.o.

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